About Us

Who We Are

We’re a team of experienced builders who can make the blueprint for any dream a reality

Our Focus

Flexible, focused and innovative: we're focused on achieving your project vision and business goals.

Who We Are

Valcon is a Canadian construction firm founded by a team of builders with experience in every facet of the construction and real estate industries.

Our experiences in building for ourselves allow us to build with the passion and efficiency that our sector needs right now. That’s why we created Valcon—to build differently.

We understand the risks faced by developers and lenders. We know what happens if project schedules extend, and we work hard to make sure our builds stay on schedule and budget. And we do this work without sacrificing efficiency, integrity, and beauty.

Our Group of Companies

Valcon is a subsidiary of Valour Group, an integrated team of companies that manages, develops, constructs, and operates residential and commercial real estate.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to build a high-quality home for every Canadian, construct sustainable spaces for every Canadian business, and deliver timely returns to real estate investors.

Our Vision

We see a future where homeowners can buy beautiful, high-quality homes and condominiums, cities can plan integrated, sustainable communities, and lenders can expect timely returns on investment.

Our Vision

We’re building a network of organizations that uphold a reputation of honour and a group of professionals who execute their commitments with respect and professionalism. We strive to help the industry and society elevate with ethics as a uniting value.

Our Values

At Valcon, we hire employees who believe in the values of hard work and responsibility and who work to imbue our projects integrity and valour.

We Value


Whether we’re building from start to-finish, contributing expertise in focused areas of a project, or pitching in to see a work-in-progress meet its deadline, we strive to deliver what clients need on time and on budget.


The health and safety of people and our en­vironment lies at the very heart of what we do. In situations that are physically or psychologi­cally unsafe we refuse to be bystanders. We are changemakers and action takers. This applies to the environment and climate change too. We advocate for sustainable solutions and operate in this spirit, holding each other accountable for the legacy that we leave future generations.

Our Purpose

Konstruktion was founded on the belief that every decision we make impacts people and communities. It’s why we put humanity at the center of everything we do. It’s why we bring together different voices and points of view so that what we create makes everyone’s life better. It’s why what we build will bring value to society long after our lifetime. And it’s why we never stop thinking about reshaping the future.

Our Position

Konstruktion Group uses knowledge & foresight to shape the way people live, work, and connect. More than 135 years in the making, we’re one of the world’s largest development and construction companies. Together with our customers and the collective expertise of our 30,000+ teammates, we create innovative and sustainable solutions that support healthy living beyond our lifetime.

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